Pre-order your RMH 2022 - 2023 yearbook with Balfour now!

Customization, personalization, and dedications are available. Prices increase in the spring, so order today to lock in savings!



There are two options for dedications this year:

  1. One picture (approximately 1/8 of a page) - $25
  2. Up to four pictures (approximately 1/4 of a page) - $45

    If you would like to purchase a dedication, please send your message and picture(s) to


Yearbook Submissions


We'd love to have photos of your RMH students throughout the school year for the yearbook!


We're looking for students returning back to school, wearing RMH or college spirit wear, kids participating in extra-curricular activities or sports, or just having a blast in general! Please ensure your pictures feature children whose parents have consented for their kids to be included in the yearbook. High resolution pictures work the best! Please no thumbnails! Submit your photos here!


Feel free to contact the PTA's yearbook coordinators at if you have any questions.



Kindergarten 2022-2023



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Brighter Bite assembly and distribution is back! Volunteers are still needed to sort and bag produce. ANY time is appreciated if you are not able to stay the entire time. Volunteer here!


Pre-purchase your RMH Elementary Yearbook for 2022-2023! We need your cute pictures! Submit photos to to have them included in the yearbook!