Purchase your Yearbook! 



This year we are happy to present the opportunity for you to order your child's yearbook directly through Balfour. This will allow you the opportunity to add personalization that we've not offered before:

  • Additional signing pages
  • Add your student's name on the cover
  • Ribbon bookmarks
  • Buying a personalized ads in the back (A limited amount of spots are available at just $25 each.  A lovely way to commemorate the time your child has spent at Haggar or demonstrate how much your business supports the students and teachers at Haggar)
  • Signing pens
  • Many more options!!!

*We recommend one Yearbook PER CHILD.*


Children whose parents pre-order will receive their books and accessories before the last week of school. Any remaining books will be sold the last week of school.  The kids will have Yearbook signing parties during the last week of school and/or during the class parties.  (timing is up to each teacher)   

Buy it now, forget about it later.  

***Click here to order your yearbook now!***



Feel free to contact the PTA's yearbook coordinator Holly at yearbook@rmhpta.org if you have any questions.

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