Mariner Merchant Fleet


Dear Community Member,


Rose Mary Haggar (RMH) Elementary PTA is excited to invite you to be a member of our 2015-16 Mariner Merchant Fleet (MMF).  The Rose Mary Haggar Elementary School is located on Campbell Road between Preston Road and Frankford Road, and has more than 450 families who reside in this immediate area. As a Mariner Merchant Fleet member, a variety of benefits are available to you. Since introduction of the Mariner Merchant Fleet, we have recognized more than 100 local businesses for their support of RMH PTA throughout the school year. Dollars raised by the RMH PTA through the MMF and fundraising efforts help to fill the gap in State and District funding and support the educational programs of our students, including school supplies, field trips, 5th grade adventure camp, and manipulatives.  


Benefits for Mariner Merchant Fleet members may include:

  • “Mariner Merchant Fleet” window sticker to recognize supporters
  • Website link to your business on our RMH PTA website:
  • Signage on the school marquee for one week during the school year
  • Invitation to participate in RMH school events (as space permits)
  • Invitation to participate in a General RMH PTA Meeting

The RMH PTA is part of the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the nation. Locally, we are a voice for the education and well-being of every child in our school. We strive to provide them the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. Your involvement and support as a member of the Mariner Merchant Fleet will help ensure our children’s continued success and our community’s popularity.


Should you wish to discuss any of our programs or additional commitment opportunities, please mark your Commitment Form and we will contact you.


Thank you for your consideration.


MMF Committee Chair



The Rose Mary Haggar (RMH) PTA reserves the right to restrict membership to any company or organization.

Privacy: Regardless of membership level, RMH PTA protects our membership information. 

Under no circumstances is contact information for our members provided by RMH PTA to Community Members.


COMMITMENT OPTIONS (circle only one to select level of commitment):


3-Star            Mariner Merchant Fleet Window Sticker  $25


4-Star            MMF Sticker plus Business Information linked on RMH PTA Website:  $50  Website:


5-Star            All of the above plus: $200 or $200+ Donation value of product

                      Five days of signage on school marque

                      Exclusive invitation to participate in specific RMH PTA events

                      or attend one General PTA Meeting


Please click below links for forms and details:

MMF Letter

MMF Committment Form

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