Dear Haggar families,


We're so excited to kick off this 2023-24 school year with you.


I'm excited to be volunteering as your PTA president this year. My only goal is to ensure the volunteers, school, and PTA parents feel supported, heard, and that we do everything we can within our means to provide an exceptional support mechanism for our community. With that said, reach out to me any time If I don't know something, I'll help figure it out.


The PTA is responsible for the big events such as spring and fall festivals, we support bookfair, and, critical to our student's experiences and education, every field trip is paid for by the PTA. Our volunteers also spend time helping decorate the school, support events, and work to take a lot of burden off of the staff, who are focused day in and day out on our children's success.


We work closely with Dr. Weems and the team at RMH to ensure there are special-use funds available for teachers to request anything they might need that the district budget does not already cover. We care deeply about the success, support, and growth of every child at our school. If you're interested, we can always use volunteers. Moms, Dads, you name it. Spending just an hour or two to help support school events has a lasting impact and dare I say, become core memories for our kids. You can learn more about volunteer opportunities by becoming a member.


Can't wait to see you all at the events this year! Keep an eye out for the newsletter with important events, news, and opportunities to help!


Much love and happiness to all of your families.




Arash Marzban
PTA President