Please check back here in July/August for more information on After School Programs

Registration for 2017 - 2018 will begin July/August

General information:

  • PTA membership is required to sign up for After School programs. Sign up here.
  • All after school programs will be on campus and start right after the school at 2:45 pm, and will end either at 3:50 or 4pm depending on the program.
  • Every program with students in Kinder through 2nd grade will need a parent volunteer who will be present at all times to help the instructor with taking attendance, dismissal and other general tasks.
  • There will be NO AFTER SCHOOL programs during the weeks of STAAR testing 

Example of After School Programs in 2016-2017:


 Girls with STEAM  (K-2nd) 
 Program ends Monday, May 15th. No class on 3/27, 4/17 & 5/8
 information flyer | email to register (include child’s name, grade & if currently a Girl Scout)


 Brainopolis Science Club  (3rd - 5th) 
 Metropolis- Feb 13–May 1 (8 sessions) No class on 3/27 & 4/17
 information flyer | register



 Yoga for Kids (3rd - 5th) 
 Session ends Tuesday, April 4th No class on 3/28
 information flyer | register


 Creative Minds with Lindsey Sivick (K - 1st) 
 Session ends Tuesday, March 21st. (If you are looking for a program after Creative Thinking you could sign up for Power Kids and start in April. Please email or call Power Kids if you have questions about a late start.)

 information flyer | register


 NEW Power Kids with Power Kids (All grades)
 Session starting tomorrow Tuesday, March 21st - May 30th. Registration is NOW open at No class on 3/28 & 5/9 (pick up at 3:50pm)
 information | register



 Basketball with ATTACK Basketball (2nd - 5th)
 Session ends Wednesday, May 24th No class on 3/29 & 5/10
 information flyer | register 


 Dramakids with Dramakids (3 - 5th)
 Ongoing. No class on 3/29 & 5/10
 information flyer | register


 Brainopolis Science Club with Brainopolis  (K - 2nd) 
 Metropolis- Wednesday, Feb 15–May 3 (10 sessions) No class on 3/29
 information flyer | register



 Rubik's Advance with Caroline Karl (3rd - 5th)
 Registration is on our website. All payments are due by March 24th. Program starts Thursday, April 6th - June 1st, No class 5/11
 information flyer | register

 Financial Literacy with Michelle Craig (4th - 5th)
 Session ends on Thursday, 3/23
 information flyer | register


 Dramakids with DramaKids (K-2nd) 
 Ongoing. No class on 3/30 & 5/11
 information flyer | register


 Cranialogix with Cranialogix (2nd - 3rd) 
 Session ended on Thursday, 3/16
 information flyer | register



 Chess with USA Chess (K - 5th)
 Session ends Friday, 5/26 No class on 3/31, 4/14 @ 5/12
 information flyer | register


We are also excited to work on a Spanish after school program for 2017-2018.  Check back for more details.



Contact Campus Activities PTA Board Member - Sharmeen Jilla



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