Every child at Haggar benefits from an enhanced educational experience provided by our PTA programs.

Your financial support ensures the success of programs such as student field trips, teacher and staff appreciation, student assembly programs, school-wide service projects, after-school enrichment, family events, tools to help the learning process at RMH, and much, much more!
Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support your child's school PTA in any amount.
** Employer Matching Gift Programs **
Because of our non-profit status, anyone who donates to the RMH PTA may submit a form to their employer asking them to match the amount of their donation to us. The form is usually provided by your company. This is a great way to double your donation!
Click on the link below for a list of companies known to have a Matching Gift Program. The list is not all-inclusive, so additional companies may have a matching program available. 
Here's a sample of list of companies in Texas that may match your donation. If you don't see your company below, try the search option next.


Use the link below to search for your company and see if they have a Matching Gift Program.


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