2020-2021 RMH PTA Board and Volunteers

Position 2021-2022 position PTA Email
President Liz Alvarez president@rmhpta.org
1st VP of Programs Aly Epstein programs@rmhpta.org
2nd VP of Volunteering OPEN volunteers@rmhpta.org
3rd VP of Ways and Means Stephanie Guth waysandmeans@rmhpta.org
Secretary Lisa Choi secretary@rmhpta.org
Treasurer Robyn Boyd treasurer@rmhpta.org
Parliamentarian Vivian Jones parliamentarian@rmhpta.org
Arts in Education (Reflections) Rosie Rodriquez artsineducation@rmhpta.org
Environment & Beautification Jill Carpenter environment@rmhpta.org
Health & Safety -- healthandsafety@rmhpta.org
PISD Delegate Elaine Traylor pisdred@rmhpta.org
Newsletter Becky Wofford newsletter@rmhpta.org
School Supplies Laurie Tidwell schoolsupplies@rmhpta.org
Student Services OPEN studentservices@rmhpta.org
Teacher Liaison Kellie Perkins teacherliaison@rmhpta.org
Website Tina Tang website@rmhpta.org
Yearbook Holly Shewmake yearbook@rmhpta.org
Box Top Program Kathryn Franklin boxtops@rmhpta.org
Campus Activities Jessica Wilkes campusactivities@rmhpta.org
Corporate Programs OPEN corporateprograms@rmhpta.org
Facebook & Twitter Kecia Cate facebook@rmhpta.org
Mariner Merchant Fleet Erin Ragsdale mmf@rmhpta.org
Membership Toolkit Tina Tang toolkit@rmhpta.org
SAGE Representative Desiree Cheatham sage@rmhpta.org
Special Funds Chairperson Martha Willis spf@rmhpta.org
Spirit Wear Jamie Grant spiritwear@rmhpta.org
Talent Show Coordinator Ashley Bain talentshow@rmhpta.org
Watch DOGS Ryan Showers watchdogs@rmhpta.org
*Kindergarten Amanda Elam kinder@rmhpta.org
*Kindergarten OPEN kinder@rmhpta.org
*1st Grade Kellie Perkins first@rmhpta.org
*1st Grade Laurie Tidwell first@rmhpta.org
*2nd Grade Natalie Graham second@rmhpta.org
*2nd Grade Ashley Bain second@rmhpta.org
*3rd Grade Desiree Cheatham third@rmhpta.org
*3rd Grade Ashley Harward third@rmhpta.org
*4th Grade Erin Ragsdale fourth@rmhpta.org
*4th Grade Alina Jones fourth@rmhpta.org
*5th Grade Jill Carpenter fifth@rmhpta.org
*5th Grade Melanie Walsh fifth@rmhpta.org


 Open Positions RMH PTA 2021-22 School Year

Open Positions

PTA relies on the time and energy of dedicated volunteers to make every school year a great one. We are looking to fill a few PTA Positions for the 2020-2021 school year and we need your help! These roles require limited time so they are easy to fit into your schedule. We are happy to answer any questions about them if you need more information. Please help us support our school more by volunteering on the RMH PTA! Contact President@rmhpta.org (president@rmhpta.org)


Volunteers are also needed throughout the year to help teachers, counselors, class room events, and more. Please complete a background check and sign up to be contacted as needs arise that may fit into your schedule.


Membership Coordinator- this is a board position- must attend all meetings and take short board training- position manages submitting PTA memberships to the Texas PTA & manages membership drives.

Campus Activities- manages all the after school clubs on campus

Family Food Nights & “kids night out” events- partnering with local restaurants to give back for nights the school dines in. Also, coordinates evening events for kids  (ie: gymnastics nights, etc)

Health & Safety- works with the PE team and the safety patrol- assisting them with any need and helping coordinate items needed for their annual party

Student Services- works with our counselor to do school drives for supplies/items some students within the school need. 


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