2018-2019 RMH PTA Board

Board Members

President – Carlos Pino

1st VP (Programs) – Suzanne Marr Power      

2nd VP (Volunteers) –Aly Epstein

3rd VP (Fundraising) - Sharmeen Jilla                          

Past Board Member –Stacy Cushing

Treasurer - Valerie Rosenberg                                     

Secretary – Vivian Jones                                            

Dad’s Club – Chris Shewmake

Parliamentarian – Caryn Gomar/Maria

Arts in Education – Fabi Howard

Hospitality – Laurie Tidwell

Campus Activities – Sharmeen Jilla                              

Membership/Directory –Jessica Wilkes 

PISD Representative – Elaine Traylor

Website – Tina Tang

School Supplies – Vanessa Root                                 

Jennifer Weinstein                        

Teacher Liaison – Brandy Dalton

Student Services – Joanne Oh                                

SAGE Representative – Fabi Howard

Health & Safety – Jana & Richard Sciple                    

Environment & Beautification – Jill Carpenter

Yearbook – Alina Jones

                   Holly Shewmake

Newsletter – Tara Thornberry

                     Tina Tang

Mariner Merchant Fleet – Stephanie Guth

Corporate Programs – Rachael McDermott

                                     Jill Carpenter

Spirit Wear – Kate Crozier

Principal – Katie Brittain

Faculty Representative – Dara Villalpando


Project Managers

Facebook & Twitter – Kecia Cate                                

Membership Toolkit – Tara Thornberry

Box Top Program – Rachael McDermott

SPF – Adrienne Cocita

Family Food Nights & PNOs – Jill Carpenter

Tom Thumb/Albertsons - OPEN


Grade level coordinators & Photographers

K –Stephanie Guth

      Laurie Tidwell

1st – Alina Jones

         Kate Crozier  

2nd – Jill Carpenter

          Robyn Boyd

          Melanie Walsh

3rd – OPEN

4th – Andrea Titoyan

         Fatana Mazoch  

5th – Jana Sciple


Hello Kindergarten class of 2019

We are looking forward to having your family join us. If you are new to Rose Haggar Elementary, sign-up for an account now and we will send you information during the summer to help you prepare for the start of school in August. You can also join as PTA members when we open registration in the summer.

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