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These programs reciprocate with donations back to our PTA.


                  Box Tops


BoxTops are digital now.

1. Sign-up

2. Assign your donation to RMH PTA

3. Get the app to scan your receipts.


For more information, visit


            Amazon Smile


On your first visit to Amazon Smiles you need to select Rose Mary Haggar Elementary PTA from the list to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. For every eligible purchase you make at our PTA will receive a donation.
The AmazonSmile app is currently available for android phones. iOS phone users, please shop using the URL



             Tom Thumb


Stop by the courtesy booth at our local Tom Thumb (Frankford & Preston) and ask them for a Good Neighbor Form. The form can also be found on the RMH PTA website and turned in at the school's front office. Use this form to link your Reward card to the RMH PTA, Charity #3060. Each time you present your Reward card, Tom Thumb will donate 1% of your purchase to our PTA.


You can also do this by email:

Reward Card Number: 12341234123
(the one on the key tag)

Add Charity:
#3060  Rose Haggar Elementary PTA



Link your Kroger Plus card so our PTA can receive a donation. Go to Kroger's Community Rewards Program to sign-in or create an account at the Kroger Community Rewards page and select our school (Rose Mary Haggar). The Kroger Plus card has to be linked each program year (July-April) and your card will be linked to RMH PTA.  Our PTA receives a percentage of Kroger's $1,000,000 donation based on our purchases. (Charity Code HE266)



      Shop thru the Heart


As a way to cover expenses that we have traditionally passed along to local PTAs, the general Council membership (Council Board, PTA Presidents, School Principals) voted to initiate Shop Thru the Heart participation at the November meeting in 2016. Funds raised through this program are not for the Council of PTAs, but for all PTAs. It is a simple and impactful way for us to get donations with online shopping that we already do every day.
This program  provides double support since RMH participates in Amazon Smiles. Registered participants can Shop Thru the Heart using Amazon Smiles and accumulate dollars for both programs!

      World Wear Project


Be a part of diverting thousands of pounds of shoes and clothing from local landfills by filling the Community Storehouse shoes and clothing donation bin on our campus with your gently used shoes, clothing, purses, belts, wallets, hats, caps, backpacks, hard toys, stuffed animals and pots and pans. Our PTA receives a donation for every pound collected from you. Community Storehouse is the only children's charity in Northwest Tarrant County focused on keeping children in the classroom while going through struggling times. Support can include tutoring, counseling, supply donation, and even financial planning. The benefit to you? Neater closets, drawers, toy boxes, and kitchens, and the knowledge that less textile waste will end up in our local landfills.

The Big Blue donation bin is located on the south side of the school by the teachers’ parking lot.




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